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Roppokai and Kita Matsu Ryu

The Story of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kenjokai Italy and Roppokai Italy dates back to when I lived in Denmark. My parents moved from Italy Denmark when I was only six months and I have lived there until twenty-five years.It all started in 1973 Denmark: I left the cinema after seeing a martial arts film and outside a person was handing out some flyers advertising a Karaté school named Gensei Ryu he was the responsible and a master of this martial art in that territory . At that time I was thirteen years old when I began to practice karate with this Karaté teacher : his name was Jan Gert Timm.The referent of Gensei Ryu Karate Denmark was the master Yukio (Noro) Tonegawa.Years passed and I changed styles and different martial arts schools like Aikido and Shorinji Kempo and one day I met again Jan Gert Timm my " old " karate teacher : he also was trying to learn and understand the strange martial art called Daito-ryu.The first contact I had with the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai was in 1985 , also in Denmark, during a seminar in which the Master Seigo Okamoto showed for the first time his "art" outside of Japan . He was accompanied by two senior students : Masaru Asahara and Hiroshi Mutoh.At that time I was responsible as Kim Otto Nielsen was of the Kita Matsu Ryu Jujutsu Bugei Kwai under the famous teacher master Peter Hedegaard. The Kita Matsu Ryu JuJutsu Bugei Kwai was a “put together” of different Japanese martial arts.Kim Otto Nielsen was studying Japanese at Copenhagen university and decided to study the language in Japan.Also Kim Otto Nielsen had practiced Gensei Ryu Karate and it was Master Yukio (Noro) Tonegawa that introduced Kim Otto Nielsen to Master Seigo Okamoto of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai in 1983 in Japan.When he returned from Japan he told me about his great experience and decided to invite the Master Seigo Okamoto for a seminar . I told him that he could count on me and my students for help also economical : In this way the first seminar with master Okamoto was realized in Denmark year 1985.For family reasons I returned to Italy in 1988 : it was very difficult for me to create a group of martial arts , as the Italian Budo world for me was much more complicated than Danish .Several years later found through a municipal structure , a gymnasium of a school . As our martial art school (Daito Ryu) is a non profit group and not supported by any organization , the municipality gave us this gym which was a big help.The first stage with the Master Seigo Okamoto, was realized by me in Italy the year 1991.A group from Denmark came to Italy to join the seminar that year and I remember that Ole Kingston drove all the way from Denmark to Italy in his car with Sensei Okamoto.Many times the Master Okamoto visited Italy and many times I was in Japan to receive the teachings from Master himself .Many were the happy moments spent together over the years , travelling the world in Dojo (Schools ) in Tokyo , Osaka, U. S. Navy in Yokosuka, Denmark and finally in Italy . Kenjokai (Kengiokai) is the name used in Japanese when you sharpen a sword or knife as a mirror, but is also used when one refines the sensitivity and spirit. The mark "Mon"Of Kenjokai as you can see , is a tree whose roots , embracing part of the tree trunk , represent our history of Daito Ryu.The tree trunk is the soul of our group where light is visible through hair carries the meaning of energy and all we have yet to discover ... . new challenges and wisdom in life ... forever. Massimo Dellepiane

RoppokaiandKita Matsu Ryu JuJutsu Bugei Kwai

Denmark 1985 - Master Hiroshi Mutoh and Massimo Dellepiane

Slovenia - M° Rado Mandic

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Roppokai and Kita Matsu Ryu

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